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Congress of the Kurdish PEN Center in Oldenburg

Kurdisches PEN – Center Bremen, 29.05.2019

Franziuseck 16

28199 Bremen


Dear colleagues,

as you are informed, our office in Amed (Diyarbekir) / Turkey was attacked and destroyed by the Turkish military on 02.02.2016. For safety reasons, our board has decided that this year's annual congress, the 10th Annual Congress of the Kurdish PEN Center, takes place abroad, in Germany:

City Club Hotel Oldenburg GmbH & Co. KG

Europaplatz 4 - 6, 26123 Oldenburg

Phone: 00494418080

Fax: 0049441808100, E-Mail:

Even if the time has become too short, we would like to cordially invite your center to our congress.

We would very cordially welcome a representative of your center or we would be very pleased about a solidarity greeting.

Kurdish PEN Center

on behalf

Dr. Zaradachet Hajo


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