WfPC Annual meeting - 53rd International Writers' Meeting at Bled - register by April 30th 2021


Dear colleagues,

dear members of PEN Centres around the world,

dear delegates of PEN International Writers for Peace Committee,

dearest friends,

Ljubljana, Paris, 12th April 2021

Due to partial lock down in April, we decided to move the dates for the 53rd Writers’ Meeting at Bled to June when we hope to meet in person, and with those of you who will not be able to travel, online. Like every year, the focus will be on the PEN International Writers for Peace Committee Meeting that will sit in three sessions: 9th June – General Assembly of WfPC, 10th and 11th June further meetings to finalize materials for the PEN Annual Congress. We will offer the option to take part in the meetings via ZOOM for those participants who will not be able to travel due to Covid 19 restrictions.

As usual we will discuss and exchange our views during two round tables that which will not be accessible online.

The Slovene PEN would like to kindle the discussion on The future of freedom. Following the guidelines of PEN International, freedom will be looked at in the historical context of the PEN Centennial and from the critical perspective of the world order in the wake of the pandemic. Meanwhile, we would like to reflect upon the future of freedom on more than one level, considering first of all the fundamental conditions for freedom: equity and fraternity. What is the role of PEN evolving this train of thought and action? What is the position of language and literature in defending the freedom of tomorrow?

The International Writers for Peace Committee round table entitled Writer in action: protest or dialogue will discuss about two possible ways of engagement of artists in deeply divided societies. Writers (and artists in general) have always been sensitive to plights of individuals and of the society in general. Is the culture of dialogue the only way to surpass the apathy of today? The topic opens new challenges in the future with the awareness of the hundred years’ long endeavours of PEN international.

Your written contributions will be published in the collection of essays if sent by 30th April 2021 in one of the official languages of the meeting, French, English or Slovenian. The text should not exceed 4.000 characters with spaces. We also hope that the pandemic situation will allow us to continue with the festival Faces of Peace – literary readings around Gorenjska region and the school programme. You are welcome to send us a short prose or poem to be translated into Slovenian for the readings, again by 30th April 2021.

For the participation fee please see the registration form attached.

2021 53rd Writers' Meeting at Bled gener
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2021 BLED 53es rencontres internationale
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After a year of staring into the screens, we would be really honoured to welcome you live at Bled in the breeze of life we used to know. However, every kind of participation is welcome for the problems of the world in the wake of the pandemic need writers’ voices more than ever.

Looking forward to your registration,

Sincerely yours,

Helena Kraljič, Vice-president of Slovene PEN Tanja Tuma, Secretary of Slovene PEN

Emmanuel Pierrat, President of Writers for Peace Committee

Edvard Kovač, Permanent Secretary of Writers for Peace Committee

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